The purpose of a site like this is to give anyone with an interest in the musicians and filmmakers of Boston a place to come and see the kind of work these lovely people have been putting out together.

The idea for this blog hung around for a long time before the blog actually happened.  After graduating with a BS in Film/TV from Boston University in the winter of 2008, I decided to relax for a while before trying to really throw myself into the film and video scene in Boston.  In the meantime, I did what most film students do to make ends meet: I bartended, waited tables, managed the odd restaurant.  But when I started looking for video jobs around the city, I realized that Boston is a town with a somewhat disjointed filmmaking community.  To make the tough even more difficult, my interests were specifically in music videos, rather than feature films.  For a city so packed with artists and musicians, I thought it would be a snap to find music video production groups.  It wasn’t.

I realized part of the problem was that there was no central website for the discussion of the work these people were putting out.  Maybe, I thought, I could fill that gap.  And so Boston Makes Music Videos was born.

I’m hoping that this site grows into a place where people from all around Boston and other parts of Massachusetts can come and share their work, tips and insights.  Hopefully people from other parts of the world will stop in and see what we’re up to.  Please feel free to send me messages with what you’ve been up to, or what you’d like to see.  I’d love to hear from you!

~Michelle C Forelle…you can call me Sprinks if you’d like

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