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The Motion Sick – “Aquaman’s Lament”

I cannot think of a better way for me to cap off what’s been a crazy week on this side of the computer screen than to present all you fine folk with this delightful ditty from Boston favorites The Motion Sick.

This cute clip (I’m feeling alliterative today!) comes to me by way of a commenter of this very blog!  Leesa Coyne sent me an e-mail a few weeks ago letting me know about a clip she had worked on with Mike Epstein of The Motion Sick (among other bands…look this guy up, he’s a busy bee).  See, I read your e-mails and comments!  Anyway, this music video was a great breath of fresh air in the middle of this hot and humid summer.  What’s there not to love about a montage of comic book character cartoon clips?  However, I must respectfully disagree with The Motion Sick.  Aquaman is super cool, and fish are awesome and not boring at all.


Editor | Leesa Coyne

Many thanks again to Leesa, and all you other fine folk out there reading this!  Keep sending me more tips and news about what you’ve done and what you’re doing!  Together we really can make Boston a great town for music videos!

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